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  1. shadowwhuntress May 25, 2016

    Quote by detectiveblue

    Quote by shadowwhuntress Love the colors! Somehow I get the feeling of a classic shoujo manga.
    Good job!

    Thank you!

    No problem! Perhaps, are you working on anything right now?

  2. Monu-chan Moderator May 05, 2016

    Quote by detectiveblue

    Quote by Monu-chanUnfortunately, only scanned artpieces are accepted here when it comes to traditional art.
    They're looking lovely. So please update them with scanned version. I don't want this artwork to get deleted by that reason :/

    Thanks for the information, I already updating the file with the scanned version, but it doesn't change... Do I have to wait?

    It'll take 1 day at most to update both full image and thumbnail.

  3. Monu-chan Moderator Feb 14, 2015


  4. detectiveblue Dec 24, 2014

    Quote by xangel0Hallo! I can help you removing indy arts ; ;

    Thank you! Can you help me to delete these:
    Having Fun by detectiveblue
    Having Fun by detectiveblue
    Mgical Girl Hermione by detectiveblue
    Mgical Girl Hermione by detectiveblue
    Sailor Mercury by detectiveblue
    Sailor Mercury by detectiveblue
    Ice Princess by detectiveblue
    Ice Princess by detectiveblue

    The reason is I don't like them to be posted on web anymore because the quality and elses :D

    Thanks in advance! I really appreciate it! :D

  5. Angi Retired Moderator Dec 22, 2014

    Hallo! I can help you removing indy arts ; ;

  6. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 21, 2014

    Quote: Hello, somebody knows how to delete my indy art from my gallery? I have some pictures that I want to delete itXD

    greetings in order to delete things from the gallery you have to report said item/s and ask them to be removed. you can also re-upload a blank image over said image/s of color choice and that will take care of them being seen as well as being deleted. hope this helps you out.

    but if you mean from your favorites section then you have to hover over your name and hover over my favorites and then indy art and then click on said item and then click on remove from favorites and this will remove it from your favorites. this will happen with any favorite you don't want in any section/part of the site. hope this helps out as well.

    if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll try to elaborate or help you further :)

  7. Painter Nov 25, 2014

    Thanks for the fav from both of us ^-^

  8. Blue-Crescent Sep 18, 2014

    Quote by detectiveblue

    Quote by Blue-Crescent Very wonderful artworks! Salutes DetectiveBlue!

    Thank you!

    Hello Blue! I hope you have a great day today!
    You are very welcome. In fact, I visited that site of yours and I can't help myself but be amazed on the pure talent you have.
    It's just so awesome. It makes the heart jump. Always use them to make people happy Blue! Salutes from Blue to Blue. ^^
    Take care. ^^

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